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The Russian Supplementary School in Milton Keynes was established in 2013 by the Russian Speaking Community Milton Keynes (RSCMK) www.russiancommunitymk.org - a non-profit organisation and is registered with Milton Keynes Council (registration No 939) and is also registered with the NRCSE (registration NRC1357). The Russian school has achieved several quality framework awards including the Bronze Award in 2014, then later the Silver Award in 2015 and finally the Gold Award in 2016, which were granted jointly by the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education(NRCSE) and Milton Keynes Council. The Quality Framework Award shows that in addition to the basic policies and procedures, the supplementary school provides a well-organised learning environment with straightforward teaching, record keeping and resources that support children’s and young people’s achievement and raise their self-esteem. We have managed to create a well organised environment in which everyone can work comfortably and has clear expectations of behaviour that fosters good relationships and supports learning as well as making sure children are safe. Teachers know what children have previously learned and have guidelines on what to teach as well as keeping simple records of what children have successfully learned to date. We provide adequate teaching resources for the teachers and the learners. We know about other local provisions and work collaboratively with a number of other Russian schools in the UK as well as the relevant partners including NRCSE, Community Action MK, Milton Keynes Council, Rossotrudnichestvo http://gbr.rs.gov.ru/ , The MK Melting Pot, Milton Keynes Service Partnership LLP, https://www.rebelmouse.com/rsgovuk/, Milton Keynes Arts Heritage and Culture Organisation, and more.. Following the increased demand and popularity, in 2016 Russian school in Bedford was also opened which became the first Russian school in Bedford.

Located in the heart of England we are proud to be the first Russian School in Milton Keynes and are committed to continue its growth and development.

We aim to provide results-oriented education services and are focusing on student’s achievements by setting specific study objectives for the academic year supported by dedicated yearly lessons’ plans designed by our experienced and highly qualified teachers.

Our school welcomes all who wish to learn and preserve the Russian Language!

About Luchik

Russian Supplementary School in Milton Keynes

The school is focusing on helping children to develop the relevant knowledge and skills in Russian language, culture and traditions as well as self-confidence, handicrafts and creativity.